The Student Hotel – La Imprenta Phase 1 works recently completed

During the first half of November 2019, the works associated with Phase 1 of the structure for the new The Student Hotel – La Imprenta have been completed. The new hotel is located in Cuesta de San Vicente Street, in the city of Madrid.

The new The Student Hotel – La Imprenta, whose design project has been developed by Fenwick Iribarren Architects, is located in a complex consisting of 3 pre-existing buildings with different levels of heritage protection: Ilustración 11, without any kind of protection and previously demolished; Cuesta de San Vicente 28, whose facade should be protected; and Cuesta de San Vicente 26, with structural protection.

The structure project is divided into 3 phases: Phase 1, in which the CSV28 to-be-conserved-facades stabilization and propping is carried out, as well as the demolition and inner excavation; Phase 2, devoted to the construction of the new structure; and Phase 3, in which the rehabilitation and structural reinforcement of CSV26 is carried out.

In Phase 1, recently completed, facade stabilizers have been installed outside the CSV28 building and the facades have been propped to enable the excavation of a new basement. The facade propping has been developed through a pile curtain on the North and East facades and by a double steel beam supported by micropile towers on the South facade.


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