Project details

Technical Data

  • Main span: 88.2 m
  • Deck width: 6.60 m
  • Length: 110 m


During the design of the footbridge spanning the Ebro in Logroño,  the design team aimed at its natural integration into both river banks.

The structure combines two very different pieces,which are nevertheless extremely complementary and equilibrated, bearing almost symbiotically onto the soil.

The primary structure is a smoothly sloped,visibly depressed arch with its bases on different heights in order to overcome the difference in level between both river banks.  The secondary structure, a ribbon stressed from the keystone of the arch to a very discreet abutment on the left river bank, gives access to the first one from that side of the river.

When the night falls, the lighting turns this figure into a singles inusoidal light trace taking advantage of the obscurity to dematerialize its structure and present itself as an ideal and weightless appearance.