Project details

Technical Data

  • Total length: 258,5 & 258,0 m
  • Main span: 87 m
  • Width: 10,7 m


The overpasses E4 and E5 are two structures formed by a cast-in-place concrete deck, post-tensioned with a semicircular cross section ligthenings and four spans with lengths of 50.0 – 87.0 – 76.5 – 45.0 m, and 50.0 – 83.5 – 79.5 – 45.0 m, respectively. In both cases the width of the deck 10.7 m. Shoring devices are formed in the main spans consisting of two inclined steel props that pick up the new support located in the centers of said spans. The foundations of each prop are connected to each other by prestressing cable of 17 or 34 chords of 0.6 “.
The retrofitting retrieves the theoretical slope corresponding to the ideal layout defined in the project, as well as the appropriate bank determined by the current regulations. This correction is carried out by a structural screed of the section of the deck by light concrete. New finishing elements are included in the parapets of the lateral edges in order to soften the existing deviation of the edge line of the deck. The rehabilitation and replacement of the bearings is carried out and a crack and paint protection treatment of the deck and piers is carried out.