Project details

Technical Data

  • Roof surface: 162.4 m x 169.6m (27543 m2)
  • Roof thickness: 4.00 m
  • Main moving roof: 100.8 m x 72.0m(7257 m2)


The proposed roof structure was the successful tender offer for the Madrid City Council Project for the 2012 Madrid Olympic Tennis Centre  and known as the ‘Magic Box’.

The structure is composed of a framework of steel trusses which  leave openings over each of the three court areas. Moving roofs are placed over these  openings, in the case of the main court these roofs being sliding and tilting while those to the outer courts are purely tilting. These moving roofs are componed of very slender steel trusses which receive the moving mechanisms of the roof system. All roofs are equipped with horizontal trusses to resist wind action.

The system is set on very slender steel columns.