Steel roof for TRAMER warehouse

Project details

Technical Data

Warehouse free span: 51.00 m (Potash); 58.50 m (Salt)

Structure total length: 427 m

Steel structure total weight: 5000 t


The function of the new warehouse for Tráfico de Mercancías (TRAMER) is the reception, classification, storage and loading of salts in ships: common salt and potash, mainly. The main part of the complex is made up of two warehouses with dimensions 150 m long x 60 m wide (for salts) and 250 m long x 54 m wide (for potash), a building, located between them, for screening of material and two lateral arms that, in continuity with the warehouse, allow the simultaneous loading in two ships of the Panamax class.

The structure of the warehouses is conceived to maximize the inner diaphanous space, for which truss arches of triangular section with a modulation of 30 m are arranged to bear on the structures associated with the longitudinal edges of the naves. The arch keystone is crossed by prismatic galleries with a square truss section.

MC2 has developed the optimization and detail project of the structure, introducing numerous variants in the structural system (such as the lower bracing of the self-supporting roofs) and carrying out a CFD study to optimize the wind pressures, thereby obtaining a reduction in the 35% of the weight of steel in profiles. MC2 has also developed the detailed engineering in coordination with the steel contractor.