Project details

Technical Data

  • Roof area: 3,150 m 2 (97.2 m x 32.4 m)
  • Roof Thickness: 0.36 m


Imposing undulating roof held by tubular frames at its peripheral area and by standard columns at its interior area.

The roof is obtained through an evolutionary construction process consisting in the following stages. A 10 cm thick concrete layer is cast on top of a self-bearing steel system made out of rolled steel sections welded to a bottom steel sheet. This system is completed with a layer of EPS blocks and a second layer of reinforced concrete connected to the first one by means of the mentioned steel sections so to attain a lightened, 36 cm thickcomposite system  on top of which the waterproofing layer can be applied.

The thus obtained baldachins unfold above the office buildings form a wave-like shape which stands out against the industrial landscape of the bonded warehouse area.