Project details

Technical Data

  • Total height:101.30 m. (from top face of foundation)
  • Lifting height: 11.45 m.


Demogravi3 is a financing project by the European Commission, whose targets are design, construction, assembly, transport, installation and demonstration of the technology developed in a previous project known as Gravi3. In this project was designed a tripod, fixed on self-floating concrete caissons, and tower that finally supports a nacelle. All elements will be assembled from the ground, and finally the caissons will be brought down in their final position.

MC2 has carried out the design of lifting process of the top tower segment with respect to the lower segment, since transporting these elements with a less height tower provides important advantages from the point of view of stability and floatability.

The lifting process will be carried out on open sea, so the main goal of the design is to define a simple and robust process. To make easier this procedure, geometry of the lower tower segment has been rationalized, as well as the stiffening of this element. All the auxiliary elements have also been designed to execute the procedure and recover subsequently auxiliary equipment.