Project details

Technical Data


ALEXIA GESTION is the development company of a new building in the city of Calpe (Alicante), whose project is currently in the design process.

As a preliminary study for the drafting of the construction project, MC2 Estudio de Ingeniería was commissioned to analyze by means of numerical simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD) the action that the wind produces on the structure of the building in order to design the foundations and the transversal resistance systems (cores and portal frames). This study covers the whole of the building and the surroundings of the city that could in some way influence on the movement of air around the building.

The assignment also includes the detailed analysis of the influence that the geometry of the external envelope of the building may have on the direct actions of the wind on the facade. In this case, it is a detailed analysis of the most significant areas, that is, with higher resolution and scale than the global structural analysis.

Both studies include numerical simulations for several wind incidence directions, as well as the validation and verification of the numerical results obtained.