Project details

Technical Data

  • Length: 220 m
  • Main span: 110 m
  • Width: 21.5 m


The innovative structural type of this bridge is based on its variable depth prestressed composite girder. This depth variation is more pronounced at the piers where the steel bottom sheet of the box-girder disappears and the concrete bottom slab tears down into the chalice shaped pieces which transfer the loads to the piers.

Another worth-mentioning aspect of the bridge is the partially fixed support condition at the piers. This connection makes the system behave like a quasi portal frame; thus reducing slightly the stresses in the bridge deck while increasing its stiffness.

Aesthetically, some very advantageous elements have been used, such as the white concrete in the chalices, the recess in the faces of the abutments, and the copper covering of the steel webs which recalls the hues of Cordovan buildings.