Movable bridges at Castellon Harbor

Project details

Technical Data

  • Total length: 2 x 67.5 m
  • Main span: 50 m
  • Deck width: 9.5 m


The bridge is composed of two mobile stretches which are located in correspondence with the two channels which provides access to the Fishing Basin and the Inner Basin, allowing 50 m width for each channel.

The chosen typology is retractable bridge because it is able to bear itself in a new central platform in case of open bridge situation, which will be the most common. This central island will be built by with floating reinforced concrete caissons.

The distance between bearings of the bridge is 51.6 meters. An additional length of 15.6m has to be taken into account that corresponds the stretch of the counterweight which balances the during the opening phase.

Each of the two stretches of structure is formed of two lateral trusses formally integrated, whose upper chord is unbraced. The lower chords fix a transverse orthotropic deck, being rails integrated into the ribs of the orthotropic deck.