Project details

Technical Data

  • Length: 384 m
  • Main span: 180 m
  • Width: 17.7 m


This bridge over the river Ebro held the world record for largest composite span, with its span length of 180 m, until 1991.

Its structural type is that of a three span portal-frame bridge: two large T-shaped piers, made out of prestressed white concrete, are rigidly connected to the composite variable depth box-girders of trapezoidal cross-section which too are prestressed. Although the piers merge seamlessly with the girders, their white color contrasts with the color of the girders’ weathering steel. The double composite action is assured by the concrete bottom slabs at the piers, extended 27.5 m towards mid-span and 20 m towards the abutments.

The construction was carried out by means of the progressive cantilever method and the mid span segment was hoisted from the river.