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Technical Data


At the end of 2008, Banco Popular called a restricted tender for the design of its new corporate headquarters in Madrid, to be developed in two phases. The second phase consisted in the design of a set of five buildings on the same base located on a 25,000 m2 plot on Luca de Tena street in Madrid, next to the A-2 motorway.

The design team led by the architectural firm Arquitectos Ayala and in which MC2 Estudio de Ingeniería S.L. was integrated, was the winner of the contest, beginning in 2012 the development of the project of this second phase.

The phase 2 program consisted in the design of four office buildings with four floors above ground each and a fifth building called “service building”, designed to house a shopping center.

The ground floor is a single body shared by all the buildings, in which there are four levels, garages, service areas, loading and unloading of goods and a large auditorium. The structure of the low grade is designed in reinforced concrete slabs, for distances between supports of 10.0 m and 6.5 m alternately.

In the above-ground envelope, the office floors rest on concrete prestressed slab floors.

Between the buildings, elongated patios are formed that allow the entrance of natural light to all the blocks.

Finally the roof closes all the patios and joins the blocks by means of a system of steel trusses, continuous throughout the whole.