Building in Ricardo Soriano 11, Marbella

Project details

Technical Data

Height: 42,65 m

Number of floors: 6 above-ground and 3 beneath ground level

Built surface: 10.000 m2


This new building is located at the former emplacement of the National Radio Station in Marbella, and it has 6 levels above ground for commercial and residential use, as well as 3 levels of underground parking.

In order to achieve open spaces, the slabs of the commercial floors (PB and L1) have been executed using composite beams with spans up to 17m. Solid slab floors of the upper levels (L2 to L5) hang from ties suspended from composite beams placed on the roof level. These ties work as conventional supports during the construction phases; thereafter the loading process of these ties was carried out by jacking up the roof beams until the planned traction was introduced in the ties, reducing compression load to zero at Level 1; finally the connection between roof slab and steel beams is casted, and the steel columns are cut below Level 1.