Project details

Technical Data

  • total height: 100 m (85 m above ground level)
  • floors: 23 floors (21above ground level)
  • Slab surface: 13.800 m2 (tower) + 4.000 m2 (block)+ 8.800 m2 (intermediate underground building)


The complex occupies a 9300 m2 parcel. It has a wide standard below ground level area of two basement floors destined to parking lots and equipment zones. The whole zone is covered with a top-deck garden above which two buildings emerge: the 20 m high Bloque building, conventional one, and the Torre building, a 100 m high tower of 21 floors, both destined to administrative use.

The Torre building, with a dimensions of 30 x 30 m, presents a clear floor, with natural light illumination and flexibility. Therefore, the structural system that fits with this architectural definition is the “tube-in-tube” structural typology, with a communication inner core of reinforced concrete and an outer tube formed by the façade columns.

There are two main differences with the “tube-in-tube” standard schemes. Firstly, the important offset of the outer tube formed by the facade columns at level P6, creating an eccentricity of 1,70 m in one direction in the central columns, and in both directions in the corner columns. Secondly, between ground level and level P6, there is a large architectural open space without floors, except the inner communication core.

This column offset at level P6 is solved by means of a reinforced concrete special transition capital, with a pyramidal-trunk shape.