Project details

Technical Data

  • Height:26 m above ground level
  • Number of storeys:4 storeys ground level, 1 mezzanine and 2 storeys bellow ground level
  • Gross floor area: 12,000 m2 above ground level


The new Headquarters of the company Orona, integrated into the complex ORONA IDeO-INNOVATION CITY, is an example of the canonical type structural resources versus the predominance of free forms in contemporary architecture. The structure uses the geometry determined by the architecture, formed by a 16 m high hollow cylinder which outer and inner diameter have 90 m and 45 m respectively. The former cylinder undergoes a rotation of 15° about its vertical axis and is sliced by the plane of the horizontal ground, forming an approximately 36 m span curve piece.

The building structure, designed as “all in one” resistant piece or mega structure, consists of the following elements: two large steel trusses placed in correspondence with the curved surfaces of the facades, two inclined composite slabs located in the upper and lower bases cylinder (cover and bottom), four horizontal composite slabs coincident with the floors of the building and two families of concentric inner vertical pillars which are developed (except in unusual areas) in the entire height of the cylinder. Thus, a large structural box-girder is configured, constituted by the former steel trusses and the lower and upper inclined slabs.