Project details

Technical Data

  • Total height: 235 m (215 m above grade)
  • Floors: 52 (48 above grade)


The main structural elements of this remarkable high rise building are its triplecell central core, the rings of reinforced concrete columns and its slabs. The steel beams which are supporting these slabs connect the reinforced concrete core to the columns by means of pin joints so as to avoid slab deflections due to wind load or settlement displacements.

Above grade, the small wide-flange steel sections encased in the columns allowed steel work to go on irrespective of the concreting process and contribute to the ultimate compressive strength of the resulting composite columns.

Below grade, the floors are solid slabs made out of reinforced concrete whereas the above-grade floors are composite decking slabs  which are connected to their supporting steel beams by means of studs.