Project details

Technical Data

  • Area of main roof: 1,200 m2
  • Diametre of central oculus: 9 m
  • Capacity: 1,050 + 400 + 400 seats


The roof of the Salamanca Conference Centre is its most remarkable feature and does not belong to any specific structural type. It can be defined as a ribbed, baldachin-like dome composed of three main elements:

–  The inner dome, a 10 cm thick shell element with a stepped soffit, is set within a square of 30 by 30 m and has in its centre an oculus with a diameter of 9 m

–  A set of 16 radial diaphragms onto which the whole system bears and which ensures the entrance of daylight around the roof

–  An outer dome, a second spherical shell that jointly with the first one forms a complex double layer structure

This roof structure was constructed at floor level and jacked into its final position.