The Student Hotel “La Imprenta”

Project details

Technical Data

Height: 35.50 m 
Number of floors: 9 above ground and 2 below ground 
Constructed area: 10,000 m2 
Stabilization of the façade: 1575 m2


New building of The Student Hotel is an interesting aggregate of solutions that can be implemented in rehabilitation and refurbishment projects. The installation of the hotel establishment on a complex of buildings of heritage protection derives in the application of different typologies oriented to the conservation of protected elements, including the stabilization and propping of historical facades or the rehabilitation and reinforcement of a building for its adaptation to modern regulatory standards.

The knowledge obtained from the existing structure during the construction phase forces a constant adaptation of the project solutions. The project affects 3 buildings with different levels of heritage protection: I11 (Calle Ilustración 11) was not protected, hence it was demolished; CSV28 (Cuesta de San Vicente 28) , that was a historical printing house, has an exclusive protection of its façade; regarding CSV26 (Cuesta de San Vicente 26), the structural reinforcements are designed to reduce affections to the existing structure. Within the most singular tasks, the CSV28 façade stabilization and shoring has to be highlighted: two lateral steel beams are placed next to the façade, with a posttensioning system to transfer its weight.