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Technical Data


This hospital complex had been partially built between 2007 and 2011, with 70% of the structures being executed. After several years of abandonment and according a new architectural project carried out by Árgola Arquitectos, MC2 has realized the Constructive project of the rehabilitation and retrofitting of the previously executed structures, for its adaptation to the new functional requirements of the centre. The project also involved the construction of a series of new buildings, among which an Assembly Hall, a Main Entrance and Distribution Hall, some canopies, and so on.

Although most of the interventions were relatively conventional, what has marked the development of the project has been, on the one hand, the size of the structure to be remodelled, having to act on a total floor area of ??approximately 300,000 m2, and, on the other hand, the countless changes of an architectural project that was adapting to continuous requirements by SESCAM. In addition, the client required a high optimization of the construction processes to respect very tight execution times.Among the various structural interventions, the following stand out:

  1.  Three processes of active load transfer – by means of hydraulic jacks – for the elimination of the 3×48 columns of three buildings of 9 floors, between levels 3 and 4, and their hanging from superior steel trusses;
  2. Execution of elevator pits in the existing foundation slab, in correspondence with existing columns, after injections to improve the soil mechanical characteristics, which would experience a significant increase in compression tension, from 2 to 6 kp/cm2.
  3. Execution or closing of large openings in solid slabs, in areas with complex geometries, high loads and severe limitations in the maximum depth of the reinforcing downstanding beams.