Project details

Technical Data

  • Total length: 135 m
  • Main span: 99.2 m (between hinges)
  • Width: 20.45 m


Due to new strategic planning for the port of Valencia, the 98.0 m span x 9.6 m wide bascule bridge, built between the eastern and western dikes, was put out of use. Hence the proposal to move it to the new entrance of the marina where it would be changed into a 99.2 m span x 20.45 m wide swing bridge.

The design and relocation of the bridge achieved the almost complete reuse of its main structural steel elements as well as its rear and central locking devices.

The chosen solution for the new structure has been carried out in view of the impending Formula One Grand Prix in august 2008. Consequently, the completion period for the execution of the project was shortened to merely seven months. It has been possible to meet this objective mainly through reuse of the elements of the old bridge.